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Review of the California Air Tools 2010A

Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

Ultra quiet air compressor reviews help a person to understand a lot about the product. If you are planning to get a compressor for your house, the ground work or research that you do is very important. Given the fact that there are various compressors in the market; choosing the right one can be a little confusing.

When you are planning to buy an air compressor, the quality of the product is based on its performance. In this review, you will get to know a lot about the California Air Compressor 2010A and how you can benefit from it.

California Air Tools is a name that has always been associated with the best products in the market. They have a variety of air compressors that have been known for their performance and durability. The 2010A is an Oil free and ultra quite air compressor. It has a powerful motor that does not generate too much of noise.

The 1680 RPM if the compressor helps to ensure durability and long lasting performance. You can use this air compressor on uneven terrains during any season since it can handle the climatic temperature fluctuation. The oil free pump of the 2010A is designed with the best engineering and state of the art technology.

This heavy duty compressor can take care of all the small tasks without any problems. The body is designed with the best materials to ensure that it does not wear out easily. It is also a good choice to have if you have kids or elders in the house.

Ultra Quiet Air Compressor - Information for 2010A

Size, weight and capacity of the compressor - This silver colored air compressor weight 35.3 pounds and have a corded electric power source. The dimensions of the unit are 18.5 x 14 x 13.5 California Air Tools 2010A has a capacity of 2 gallons.

The compressor running power - It runs on 1 horsepower. The 8A Amperage capacity along with the 1.0hp size makes this unit ideal even for small sized spaces.

Main highlight or feature of the 2010A - The ultra quite feature of the California Air Tools 2010A is the main highlight of why you should consider it.

Warranty and Price - When you purchase this product, you get a one year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer. It is priced at $135.86.

Features of the California Air tools 2010A

  1. There are always mixed reaction of any product, some customers may be happy with what they have, while some may not. Let is check out the features and ultra quiet air compressor reviews of the 2010A.
  2. The sound produced by the 2010 A is 60 decibels; this is why it falls under the ultra quite category of compressors.
  3. It is equipped with two pressure control gauges.
  4. The quick connector is a universal one making it one of the best choices in comparison to any other ultra quiet air compressor reviews.
  5. For the safety of the unit, the compressor is also equipped with a Thermal Overload protector.
  6. This compressor is designed to perform efficiently and does not get overheated easily.
  7. The maximum air pressure of the 2010A is 120 PSI.
  8. To ensure that you get clean air while operating, it also has a special air filter feature built in.

A little more about the engineering of the 2010A

If you opt for the 2010A, then you do not have to worry too much about the cost of maintenance. This is because it comes of the oil free dual piston pump. Since the 2010A does not require oil, you do not have to worry about cleaning up any mess or stains.

Even the life cycle of the pump is designed to work for a long time. You can operate for 3000 hours before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. The company is known for its top quality products and when it comes to ultra quite compressors, there are no compromises made.

The alumimium tank is a light weight tank making it easy to store and transport. You can place it in your shop or home and not worry about anything. The stability of the tank is the added benefit since it is rust resistant. It takes only 50 seconds to fill the 2.0 gallon tank.

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