Air Compressors for Home Use for Newbies or Non-Technical People

Non-Technical People

When you are a person who has some kind of technical background it becomes easy for you to know what to look for when you are buying any equipment. This is not the case for people who do not know much about technical details, it can get very challenging.

Things to Look for While Choosing

There are so many factors that determine the choice of compressor you would want to use. While your needs or requirements do play a vital role, however, there are certain technical factors that equally determine the choice of air compressor for your house.

While choosing any home equipment or electronic item, it is important to know some basic and common technical terms to help you out. The same is applicable while choosing air compressors for home use.

The Cubic Feet per Minute

AKA as cfm, - This is the most essential factors that a person has to keep in mind while choosing a compressor. This will always come in the top list of priorities. This is what determines the functionality of the compressor as well as the maximum output.

Pounds per Square Inch (psi)

As we all know that compressors help to release air, well the psi determines the amount of air is pushed and move. Based on the psi you choose, you get the necessary air output. This also lets you know the limitations the air compressor has.

The Volume of the Tank

This requirement is generally underrated but it does hold importance while choosing Air Compressors for Home Use. The larger the capacity of the tank, the lesser the load falls on the motor. This also ensures the duration or longitivity of the compressor.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is based on how long the compressor can run. While choosing air compressors for Home use you have to check out the duration that it can be used. This will equally determine the kind of load the compressor can carry.

Horsepower (hp)

The horsepower is determined on the based of the psi and cfm. If there is an increase in these two factors, the horsepower also increase. Similarly, if the psi and cfm is low, then the horsepower also becomes low.

Compressor Powering

This is determined based on variety of factors that is related to the motor. If the motor is a standard one, then the power requirements will also be same. Similarly, if there is a higher motor, then the power needed to run the compressor will also be higher.