Silent portable air compressors

Air compressors are always known to be very loud and this usually causes inconvenience for both the families using the air compressor as well as their neighbors. A lot of advancements have been made in its technology thereby having a moderate noise air compressor. Therefore there are a variety of air compressors you can choose from.

Eagle EA-2000 Silent Portable Air Compressor

This is a mini and a quiet portable compressor which has a weight of 25 pounds. It has an oil-free double piston pump and a tank of one-gallon capacity. This air compressor can provide a maximum of 125 PSI when it uses an electric power source. This is the quietest air compressor and one of the best compressors in the market.

NEW MASTER Quiet compressor

This is one of those few air compressors that perform well for airbrush even though it will cost you a lot. Though it cost your pocket it is an affordable one. It is conveniently portable due to the fact that it is a lightweight since it weighs 11 pounds. It tends to produce low noise which is at 59 dB. The machine is powered by a motor by electricity; therefore it is able to reach 60 PSI.

California Air compressor

This product has received around 98% approval from customers who have used it and are satisfied with its service and this makes it attract more and more customers. It produces around 60 dB when it comes to noise and this machine is operating with a powerful motor. It also has a 2-gallon tank aluminum made and also runs on oil-free pump thus reducing the cost of maintenance.

Dewalt Heavy Duty

This is an electronically powered, silent and a small air compressor that is advisable for home use. The compressor weight around 42 pounds and one of the cheapest of all the air compressors. The machine offers a 2.5 gallon capacity with a powerful motor. This air compressor is able to reach up to 200 PSI. Has an old free pump thus easy to maintain as well as it’s easy to start up. It is tends to produce less noise of 71.5 DB; this is slightly lower as compared to a regular compressor. In addition, it has the torque that is able to start even below 0 degrees.

To conclude the above products are among some silent air compressors you can find in the market, therefore, users should consider purchasing any of this and enjoy the more peaceful environment.